Film projects

From captivating short films to stunning documentaries, each project reflects my creativity and dedication.


Achellis Kenya customer day, 2024.

Achellis is a major distributor of construction machinery. Have a look this mini documentary as the MD of the company takes you through a insights into the company.

Oloshiobor House, Kajiado.

Come with me to Kajiado as we explore this beautiful solar powered home made from shipping containers. The property boasts a spectacular view view above Kajiado county. See for yourself.

Nalia Behind The Scenes.

This is a Behind the scenes video for popular musician Iyanii famous for hit songs, 'Furaha' and Good vibes&Inshallah'.

Wiza Jalakasi at Mawimbi Restaurant.

Have a look at this networking event organized by Wiza Jalakasi. It was a great opportunity for those in the Tech sector to catch up and have some fun.

A beautiful love story...

of Queen&Harry. This lovely couple engaged us to cover their engagement. This was actually a surprise to Queen. I kid you not when I say tears were shed.

And a sad story...

This is the story of Mogra Children's home, a Children's rescue home.

Support these amazing school doing the most to give a better future to these abandoned children. A little help goes a long way.

Lyrical Masters

When we said Play KE music, we meant it. Discover these artists and have a look at their works. These were one of the earliest projects I worked on in videography in collaboration with 254 Radio.

Heavy K drumboss in kenya

South African hit maker Heavy K was in the country and I got the lovely chance to shoot him. It was quite inspirational shooting someone you grew up listening to!

Build your own dreams

Or someone else will hire you to build theirs. Here is how you can take action – starting today.